I will start off with the good stuff: Disneyland’s “FANTASMIC” has finally returned! I have really missed this show. It’s been on hiatus since January 2016, which is a long time for those of us who love it. However, while the new Fantasmic is spectacular, and the packed crowds seemed to swoon over it, I didn’t leave with that warm and fuzzy feeling I used to get with the old Fantasmic. Don’t get me wrong though—the new show is quite outstanding! No doubt this show will be just as popular to kids today as the original Fantasmic was to all of us when it first debuted 25 years ago.

However, I miss the old music. (I think I disliked the new recording more than anything.) And I miss a lot of the elements of the old. I especially miss Peter Pan and Captain Hook on the Sailing Ship Columbia. Although, Disneyland decided to update the pirate scene by transforming the Columbia into the Black Pearl for the show, with Jack Sparrow (instead of Peter Pan) running away from the villain. (I’m not sure how I feel about this yet.)

So I’m sad about the changes and the lack of cohesion in the storyline, but I know in time, after watching it many times, I will come to love the new version, because Disney did such a spectacular job with it. It’s magical… and the effects are amazing. But I will always miss the old Fantasmic. It’s a great show, but as one friend put it, “it’s not Fantasmic anymore.”

However, if you think of the show as something new—a whole new Disney experience—then you will most likely love the new Fantasmic. So, go see it. The Disney princesses are still there, and you’ll even see a few additional princesses joining in on the act. The beloved character cavalcade on the Mark Twain Riverboat is still there! Yes! Thank you, Disneyland!

And remember… there is still that one special element that brings us back to the old Fantasmic: We still have our hero Mickey Mouse as the star of the show. Mickey will always be our forever hero.

—Eileen L.

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